Orthopedic ONE

Orthopedic ONE's team of sports medicine physicians, surgeons, therapists and athletic trainers are proud to be named the official sports medicine provider to the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets. As part of an exclusive partnership agreement, Orthopedic ONE offers onsite, game and tournament coverage, injury prevention and related health resources to the AAA Blue Jackets. The partnership provides services and benefits to enhance the experience for all members of the AAA Blue Jacket team, including players, families, coaches and directors.

We are proud to have Josh Horn serving as our program's Head Athletic Trainer. A graduate of Ohio University and former hockey player, Josh has a wealth of knowledge of experience. Couple that with his passion and understanding for the game of hockey, Josh always has our player's health and best interests in mind when helping them rehabilitate and recover.

Josh Horn

Head Athletic Trainer

(614) 764-8700

Sports Injury Hotline

The Orthopedic ONE/Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Sports Injury Hotline is available to all families at 614.827.8210 if you cannot see the Athletic Trainer during established hours. This is an on-call voice messaging service for your non-emergency Sports Medicine concerns and appointment requests.

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