Vertical Raise

AMOUNT RAISED IN 2023-24 = $51,054!!

In 2023, the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets partnered with Vertical Raise, a fundraising platform that offers digital discount cards that offer more than 775,000 deals around the country. 

Through this partnership, each team in the organization will host a 21-day virtual fundraiser selling $25 digital discount cards that include deals at restaurants, hotels, shops, entertainment and more! The digital cards are GPS activated so the discounts available are always relative to the card holder's current location. 

At the conclusion of the fundraiser, Vertical Raise will redirect 70% of all sales back to the program and each family that participates will have 100% of the proceeds that they were responsible for applied to their balance due in travel bills and fees.

In 2024-25, we will host our Digital Discount Card Fundraiser from August 27-September 17, 2024.

  • During training camp, each team in the program will have a 30 minute onboarding session around their practice time with our organization's Vertical Raise representative.


  • Each season, all teams in the program will participate in a 21 day Digital Discount Card Fundraiser.
  • Parents will create a profile and enter email addresses and phone numbers of people in their network that they feel would have interest in supporting the program.
  • The Vertical Raise platform will send messages to each of your selected contacts offering for them to participate in the digital discount card program.
  • Discount cards cost $25 each and the 70% of all proceeds will come directly back to the family that was responsible for the sale!
  • Discount cards are good for 365 days from the time of purchase. The app operates off of GPS so the deals available are always relative to your current location. Any time, any place, you save!
  • At the conclusion of the fundraiser, the program will be given a report as to how much money each family generated. That amount will be applied as credit to your families account to help lower your costs for the season.
  • Vertical Raise will not sell or share any person's contact information.

The premier online donation platform in the country, Vertical Raise utilizes email, text messaging and social media campaigns to exponentially increase the reach of the fundraiser. The foundation of the company’s success is built upon its best-in-class email deliverability, detailed tracking and the complete personalization of every page.

Combining this system with experienced representatives has made VR the most effective sports team and performing arts group fundraising platform available. To learn more about Vertical Raise, visit their website at The Ohio AAA Blue Jackets are proud to be a member of the VR family as we strive to lower costs for all families!


If you have any questions about Vertical Raise or need assistance, please contact our organization's representative, Justin Camuto (

Justin Camuto

Vertical Raise

(513) 953-9780

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