Rewards Programs

As a non-profit 501-c3 organization, the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets have partnered with different local organizations in their community rewards programs. Through these programs, families and friends can link their personal rewards accounts to the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets and that respective company will donate a portion of your spendings back to the program.

Each season, any amount raised by you, your family or friends that is directed towards the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets will be credited towards your player's year travel bill at the end of the season.

To learn more about each program, please see below.

Please reach out to France Taber for Enrollment Code

Raise Right

formerly ShopWithScrip

Also known as scrip fundraising, you raise money by using gift cards instead of cash or credit to pay for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, dining out, that morning coffee addiction, even your family’s summer vacation.

The Raise Right platform allows you to identify which player you want to support (so invite your friends and family to participate!).

We are able to see who is responsible for each donation coming in and will apply that amount to your account at the end of the season.

Organization Number



When you shop using your Kroger Rewards Card, Kroger gives back! A digital account is needed to participate in Kroger Community Rewards.

If you already have a digital account, simply link your Shopper’s Card to your account so that all transactions apply toward the organization you choose.

Any transactions moving forward using the Shopper’s Card number associated with your digital account will be applied to the program, at no added cost to you.

Kroger donates annually to participating organizations based on your percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending associated with all participating Kroger Community Rewards organizations.

Unlike Raise Right, we DO NOT have access to the information of where the donations come from. To receive credit for the amount you (and your family/friends) are responsible for contributing, a screenshot of your account needs to be sent to France Taber ( at the end of each quarter.


If you have any questions regarding the different community rewards programs, contact France Taber.

France Taber

Billing Coordinator

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